कृषि महाविद्यालय, बदनापुर जि. जालना - ४३१ २०२ (महाराष्ट्र)

College Of Agriculture, Badnapur Dist. Jalna - 431 202 (Maharashtra)

About Us

College of Agriculture, Badnapur dist. Jalna has been established as a constituent college of Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyaapeeth, Parbhani. It is one of the six constituent agriculture college of Vasantrao Naik Marathwada Krishi Vidyaapeeth, Parbhani. Founded in the year 2000 vide resolution of government of Maharashtra, Agriculture, Aniamal Husbandry and Dairy and Fishery department bearing number MKV/1299/77/20A dated 29th March 2000. under a scheme entitled “Establishment of Agricultural College, Badnapur dist. Jalna”. It is geographically located in the Marathwada region of Maharashtra situated in between Aurangabad and Jalna cities at 9.50 latitude and 7.53 longitudes with an altitude of 523 meter rom MSL. The college is well connected with Air, road and railway facilities. It is 2.5 km away from Badnapur station on Manmad - Secundrabad route of south central railway division.

Practically functioning of this college commenced from an academic year 2000-2001. The college housed earlier in the existing building of ARS, Badnapur with four lecture halls and one small multipurpose block. Initially the college offered undergraduate programme of B.Sc. (Agri.). up to 2013. Since from 2013 the college has been offering both under graduate B.Sc. (Hon.) Agriculture and post graduate degree M.Sc. (Agri./Horti) in the six disciplines Viz; Agronomy, Agril. Botany, Agril. Entomology, Plant Pathology, Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry and Horticulture. From academic year 2017-18,the academic curricula of said academic programmes are revised as recommended by Vth Dean's committee report of ICAR.

Sr. No. Educational programme Duration (Year) Semesters
1 B.Sc.( Hon.) Agriculture 04 08
2 M.Sc.( Agri.) 02 04

The college of Agriculture, Badnapur is an institution funded and managed by Maharashtra State Government through Vasantrao Naik, Marathwada Krishi Vidyapeeth located at Parbhani. Most of the students of the college are from rural and socially disadvantaged sections without the existence of this college at least 10% would have disconnected their studies. Hence, college feels that it is the moral obligation to provide quality education. The college has a clear vision, mission and objectives for qualitative development in agricultural education, should be the top priority and thus functions towards its attainment.


  • To provide higher agriculture education.
  • To full fill the regional demand of agriculture graduates.
  • To make available agri. Technocrats for regional agricultural development.
  • To train the rural youths and encourage self employment.
  • To disseminate agriculture technology.


  • To fulfill demand of Agriculture graduates.
  • To impart educational training in the field of Agriculture.
  • To Train students about research on different components.
  • To train the rural youth and encourage them for self employment.
  • To disseminate Agricultural production technologies through extension activities.


As per the norms laid down by ICAR all faculty members implementing the required teaching load efficiently. Since establishment total 429 undergraduate students passed from college. Statement showing the number of students admitted and completed the degree programme is as under.

Sr. No. Year Number of students
Admitted Passed
1 2013-14 57 52
2 2014-15 61 55
3 2015-16 59 54
4 2016-17 61 56
5 2017-18 73 61
6 2018-19 70 64
7 2019-20 81 60
8 2020-21 73 63
9 2021-22 77 78

Sr. No. Year Number of students
Admitted Passed
1 2013-14 36 Programme started
2 2014-15 36 30
3 2015-16 38 30
4 2016-17 36 32
5 2017-18 36 36
6 2018-19 34 34
7 2019-20 30 33
8 2020-21 34 27
9 2021-22 38 32

All most all departments have given stress to conduct need based practical’s. These lead students towards entrepreneurial knowledge and skills development Viz; preparation of project proposal on Dairy unit, poultry, Goat, Mushroom production, establishment of bio control lab. Soil testing lab. Govt of Maharashtra has given emphasis in processed fruit products so in practical has been given on fruit processing and dairy products. The exposure visits for Student READY/ RAWE/ Experiential Learning modules students are organized to various seed industries Cooperative society’s fruit processing units etc to encourage them for self employment.

The teaching staff of various sections carrying out need based research as per finalization of topics in Research Planning committee of University. The post graduate research is carried out by M.Sc. Students from academic year 2013-14 as PG programme started in six major department. Apart from this faculty is submitting ad-hock research projects to various funding agencies. Also need based projects will be carried out by staff and students of this college.

Teaching staff of this college is actively participating in different extension activities like farmers rallies, group discussion, spot guidance, method demonstration on IPM, IDM seed treatment, Preparation of Bordeaux mixture, Germplasm collection Rouging etc The college is also conducted training programme on safety use of Agrochemicals and food poisoning. Rabi farmers mela was organized last year at this college to disseminate technologies of university to local farmers. Faculty member of this college also participated in the programmes and farmers rallies conducted by State Government Agriculture officer and extension staff as subject matter specialist.

Information on classroom for UG and PG programme at college of Agriculture Badnapur.

The college is housed in a specious building having 5700 sq. mts of built up area. College is having 03 UG Class rooms with new furniture with capacity 100 students. A class rooms are equipped with audio visual aids facility. All P.G. class rooms have been equipped with LCD projector and interactive boards. The college is having 01 e-class rooms having ICT facility, e-class rooms has been equipped with sophisticated LCD projector with interactive board and podium with mike system

Sr. No. Name of Class room Space Seating capacity Facilities available
1 UG Lecture Hall No 1 380 Sqf 95 Curricula delivery through IT
2 UG Lecture Hall No 2 470 sqf 88 Curricula delivery through IT
3 UG Lecture Hall No 3 380 sqf 80 Curricula delivery through IT
4 Smart e - class room. 150 sqf 45 Sophisticated LCD projector, Interactive Board, Podium and Mike system

Information on Laborataries for UG and PG programme at college of Agriculture Badnapur.

All most all ten departments have well equipped laboratories which are developed over year having modern facilities for both basic and applied research with specialized facilities for social science and agricultural chemistry, Agril. Entomology, Plant Pathology, Agril. Engineering, Agril. Botany, Horticulture are available.

Department wise functional laboratories and their number

Sr. No. Section No of Units Space / Area Available in Sqf. Seating capacity
1 Agronomy 01 600 35
2 Agril Botany 01 1200 60
3 Agril Entomology 01 1200 60
4 Agril Extension 01 200 30
5 Agril Economics 01 400 60
6 Animal Husbandry & Dairying science 01 1600 70
7 Agril Engineering & Computer Lab 01 1200 60
8 Horticulture 01 800 60
9 Plant Pathology 01 1200 60
10 Soil Science & Agril. Chemistry 01 1200 60