कृषि महाविद्यालय, बदनापुर जि. जालना - ४३१ २०२ (महाराष्ट्र)

College Of Agriculture, Badnapur Dist. Jalna - 431 202 (Maharashtra)


Information on farm facilities available at College of Agriculture, Badnapur utilized for UG and PG programme.

College is having total farm area of 27.00 ha. under dry land agriculture, Horticulture plantation and Garden etc. farm facilities with research farm area is fairly developed and utilized for crop cafeteria demonstrations, experiential learning programme, PG research experiments and seed production etc. The other farm facilities like threshing yards, farm ponds, irrigation well, sub-well, tube well, various farm equipments micro irrigation facilities, aesthetic garden, green houses, poly houses, facilities are being utilized for award of degree.

College Library (digital)

As soon as the college was shifted to newly constructed building. The college library was housed in the college building with space of 2820 sq.feet. The services of one Agriculture Assistant are spread for library management. Sufficient funds were provided by University for purchase of various text books, encyclopaedias, cyclopaedia’s, subject wise reference books of reputed national and international authors etc. were procured from time to time, to enrich the library collection and easy accession of various references for teaching and research purposes. Currently library is laden with the variety of books to meet the requirements of undergraduate and post graduate students, teaching staff and research scientists of the college.

Exuberant books related to competitive examinations of central and state government, banks, ICAR, IARI and agricultural universities etc. are purchased. These books are helping the students for achieving success in various competitive examinations. This is evident from large number of students passing the ICAR’s JRF examination with every passing year.

Sufficient wooden furniture in the reading room and office. Iron store wells, bookcases and other items are also purchased from time to time to meet the library requirements.

In order to ensure the internet connectivity by library users net connection of ‘BSNL Broadband 10 Mbps was made available with ‘firewall’ antivirus software. Library is also having facility of Wi-Fi and four desktop with internet connectivity. Recently CCTV cameras were installed in the Library as a security measures.

About 300 students and 25 faculty members including the scientists of Agriculture Research station are taking advantages of library facility every day.

Laboratories, Instructional farm, Workshops, Dairy Plant, Veterinary Clinic, Hatchery, ponds etc.:

All most all the 10 departments have well equipped laboratories which are developed over year having modern facilities for both basic and applied researches with specialized facilities are also available in the department of Agricultural chemistry, Agril. Entomology,Plant Pathology, Agril. Engineering, Agril. Botany, Agronomy and Horticulture for post graduate programme research.

In order to have first hand exposure to students foe commercial approach in Agriculture, poly house unit has been erected on the college campus along with farm power machineries and irrigation facilities. The college has two poly houses one shed net house and one screen house facility.

Sr. No. Particulars Number Available area in Hectare/ sq.m
1 Instructional Farm 01 30 ha.
2 Ornamental formal garden 01 1 ha
3 Medicinal garden 01 0.20ha
4 Mother block orchards( Mango, Custard apple, Kazgilime) 01 02 ha
5 Instructional Horticulture garden 01 0.10 ha
6 Green house/Poly houses/ Screen house/ Mist chamber 04 900sq.mts
7 Lift irrigation with subwells 02 7.5 Lakh lit
8 No of wells/ tube wells 02 -
9 Farm ponds 03
10 Seed processing plant 01 500 sq.mts
11 Computer Lab 15 60 sq.mts
12 Cattle shed 01 0.4 ha

Student READY/In-Plant Training/ Internship / Experiential Learning Programme: RAWE / Internship programme:

The revised RAWE (RAWE Model-I) is being implemented since the academic year 2010-2011 during VIIth semester in accordance with recommendations of IVth Dean’s committee of the ICAR. The candidate admitted since academic year 2017-18 will have to complete Student READY (Rural and Entrepreneurship Awareness Development Yojana) during VII and VIIIth semester as per Vth dean’s committee recommendations. This programme provides the opportunities to students for hands-on training and develops confidence and competence for solving various agricultural problems and launching a career for them in agriculture. The students are kept for 20 weeks with farmers in the village which includes exposure visit to different Agro-based industries and KVK to increase the confidence of students through Student READY programme

The experiential learning programme is being implemented since the academic year 2010-2011 during VIII semester.

Concept of experiential learning

Learning to do

Doing to learn,

Earning to living,

Living to serve.

Postgraduate Laboratories and Equipments

The teaching staff of various sections are carrying out research as per the finalization of research topics in research planning committee of university. The post graduate students is carrying out by students are conducting research as per the approval of Board of Studies of respective departments which are based on location specific problems. Since 2013-14 college is imparting post graduate programme of M. Sc. in 6 disciplines. Field research trails of M.Sc. students have been conducted regularly. All the departments have well equipped laboratories which are developed over year having modern facilities for both basic and applied research of agricultural chemistry, Agril. Entomology, Plant Pathology,Agril. Engineering, Agril. Botany.

Student Performance in National Examinations

The college is motivating the students to appear competitive examinations, like JRF /SRF, ARS, weekly mock tests were organized by the college faculties. Discussion after the mock test was also organized to clarify common doubts. The study material in the form of text books, objectives and latest updates were made available to the student well in advance. From on line form submission up to hall ticket issues the college faculties helping students. With this college efforts our students have qualified in many examination and brought laurel to college.

Performance of students in National examinations

Year Performance of students in National examinations
JRF holder SRF holder NET ARS UPSC Other Exams
2013-14 01 - - - 02 -
2014-15 03 - - 01 -- -
2015-16 03 - - 01 - --
2016-17 04 - - - - -
2017-18 04 01 03 - - -
2018-19 01
2019-20 07
2020-21 1 13 4

Students Placement Profile

The college has an active placement cell, which not only organizes campus interviews but also trains the students for job skills

Brief account of recruitment of students through college placement cell.
Year National exams State level exams Year Year
ARS UPSC Banking MPSC Agriculture Public sector Private sector Self employed
2013-14 01 01 03 02 06 05 08 02
2014-15 - - 04 - - - 11 01
2015-16 01 - 05 01 1 14 14 05
2016-17 - 04 - 1 - 12 06
2017-18 - 12 - 1 - 12 -
2018-19 7 - 4 7 2
2019-20 2 4 10 16 5
2020-21 4 - 5 16 5
2021-22 2 1 3 11 -
2022-23 5 4 4 -